Recommended Listening – Nadja


Do you like colossal earth shifting heaviness, but are turned off by the droning styles of Sunn O)))? Well, Nadja just might be your cup of tea.

Nadja started as a solo project for Aiden Baker and eventually Leah Buckareff was brought into the fold. Over the past five years Baker and Buckareff have put out an astounding amount of releases on highly regarded labels such as Profound Lore, Crucial Blast and Alien 8 Recordings.

Doom, drone, ambient, experimental and shoegazer are just a few of the terms that have been used to describe Nadja. Their unique sound is created by a dense layering of electronics, live and sampled drums, atmospheric vocals and heavily distorted guitar and bass. Resulting in a wall of sound that is both overwhelming and meditating at the same time.

Nadja “Mutagen” From the Album Touched (Alien8 Recordings)

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