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Shadow of Your Love

By March 5, 2009One Comment


When I was in grade eight my friend Jason bought a Guns N’ Roses bootleg that had a really shitty recording of a live show, along with a couple of unreleased demos. I got a dub of it and played that sucker frontwards, backwards and sideways. I’m not kidding. Somehow the tape got all twisted around and the only way it would play is in reverse.

Here’s a copy of “Shadow of Your Love” from that bootleg. I can pretty much guarantee will not get chewed up in your walkman and will only play in one direction.

Guns N’ Roses – “Shadow of Your Love” (MP3)

One Comment

  • FC Lurker says:

    Thanks for posting this song. Bad ass! I wish they’d release a the handful of these demos on an e.p. so us fans could have them on a nice cd.

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