Venetian Snares Vs. Black Sabbath

Venetian Snares

I don’t know much about Venetian Snares so there’s no history lesson here. But the long and the short of it, is a 10″ titled Sabbath Dubs was released by VS under the alias Snares. Sabbath Dubs consists of dub remixes of “Electric Funeral” and “Black Sabbath” by Tony Iommi and company. Enough reading. You need to hear this now.

Snares – “Electric Funeral” (MP3 – 5:01)


  1. Theogore · April 13, 2012 Reply

    Doing a search for BS and found this!
    VS should do a whole damned BS album w/ OZ.
    I am now going to rummage thru yer poddys.
    Killer site.

  2. Ryan Grant · April 13, 2012 Reply

    Thanks! Hope you dig the podcasts. This song is in Vol. 5, along with some other dubbed out stuff. I agree though, a whole album of these tracks would be great.

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