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Download Measurements of Sound - Volume 03

Measurements of Sound – Volume 03 Track Listing:

00:00:00 Deathspell Omega – “First Prayer”
00:05:15 Watain – “Legions of the Black Light”
00:13:18 Marduk – “Funeral Dawn”
00:19:10 V.E.G.A. – “Beton #1”
00:22:22 Krallice – “Timehusk”
00:28:28 Winterfylleth – “The Ghost of Heritage”
00:33:54 Leviathan – “What Fresh Hell”
00:38:19 Liturgy – “Untitled 4”
00:40:38 Culted – “Social Control”
00:45:28 Ludicra – “Dead City”
00:51:43 Urgehal – “Risus Sardonius”
00:56:53 Nachtmystium – “Your True Enemy”
01:01:07 Funeral Mist – “Sun of Hope”
01:06:31 Altar of Plagues – “Earth: As A Furnace”

Download (MP3 – 01:20:42)

If you’ve listened to the previous two installments of Measurements of Sound, you may have noticed that I tend to put lots of time into the sequence, mixing and overall mood of tracks that have been chosen. Not this time. Rather than try to cover lots of ground with the artists and genres featured in Volume 03, I’ve decided to give you a solid dose in the face of black metal.

I’m no purist when it comes to my black metal – so KVLT police go somewhere else. But if you’re open minded, interested in expanding your sonic palate, or already grim, give this a listen and let me know what you think.

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