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Download Measurements of Sound - Volume 04

Measurements of Sound – Volume 04 Track Listing:

00:00:00 U.S. Christmas – “The Scalphunters”
00:05:34 Harvestman – “Magnu”
00:16:23 Portishead – “Small”
00:23:13 Black Math Horsemen – “Torment of the Metals”
00:30:17 Namm – “Fever if Fire”
00:36:39 Ancestors – “A Friend/The Trail”
00:57:19 Colour Haze – “Love”
01:06:37 Elevator – “Rain”
01:10:32 White Hills – “Return of Speed Toilet/Visions of the Past, Present & Future”
01:21:29 Laudanum – “Procession”
01:23:49 Electric Wizard – “Supercoven”

Download (MP3 – 01:37:00)

Did I mention I’ve been listening to some space rock lately? If not, then you’d be smart to assume so after taking a listen to this instalment of Measurements of Sound.

Sonic experimentation, abstract frequencies, pushing the limits of the human ear – all of these are things that I have a soft spot for. Get your headphones out, dose up and prepare for zero gravity. The space ritual begins now.

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