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Measurements of Sound – Volume 06

Measurements of Sound – Volume 06 Track Listing:

00:00:00 Blood Ceremony – “The Great God Pan”
00:07:28 Shooting Guns – “Public Taser”
00:12:20 In Solitude – “Demons”
00:19:03 Today Is The Day – “The Devil’s Blood”
00:24:50 Toxic Holocaust – “Nowhere to Run”
00:28:34 Liturgy – “Veins of God”
00:36:30 Tombs – “Path of Totality”
00:42:17 Mastodon – “Dry Bone Valley”
00:46:17 Junius – “A Universe Without Stars”
00:50:40 The Atlas Moth – “Gemini”
00:54:00 Altar of Plagues – “Neptune is Dead”
01:12:38 Batillus – “…And the World is as Night to Them”
01:21:21 KEN mode – “Never Was”
01:29:36 Goes Cube – “The Homes Of”
01:32:57 Subrosa – “House Carpenter”
01:40:59 Witch Mountain – “Wing of the Lord”
01:48:53 Hammers of Misfortune – “Staring (The 31st Floor)”
01:52:41 Vastum – “Re-Member”
01:57:46 Trap Them – “The Facts”
02:01:09 Machine Head – “Pearls Before the Swine”

Download (MP3 – 02:08:29)

After putting together my top 20 albums of 2010, I rolled all of them into one giant playlist and hit shuffle. The result equaled some damn fine listening. While listening to the playlist, I remembered how my friend Isaac said it would have been nice to have samples for all the albums in my top 20 feature. I agreed with him, but it took me a hell of a long time to get that post online. So I wasn’t too excited about going back and updating it. Then I realized I didn’t have to. Why not just make a new podcast using tracks from my top 20 albums? So that’s pretty much exactly what I did.

There’s not much else to explain. I didn’t mess around with this for weeks or months. I literally got the idea one morning and finished it by the end of day. No fancy soundscapes, edits or underlying theme. Just a solid mix of 20 songs that you need to hear. Now get on this and don’t say I never do anything nice for you.

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