Live Concert Art – Kim Holm

KEN mode

Kyuss Lives!




The other night I happened to stumble upon a painting that KEN mode added to their Facebook page by Norwegian artist Kim Holm. I was immediately impressed at how he managed to capture the intensity of the band’s live show. I could have randomly stumbled across the painting anywhere and known right away it was KEN mode.

After reading a little further I learned that Kim painted while the band played live during their recent overseas tour. Which is actually something he does quite frequently. Having done the same for Watain, Ghost, Entombed, Enslaved and Kvelertak to name just a few.

Shown above are just a handful samples from the over 350 that currently appear on his website. It was extremely hard to choose just a few – they all are extremely well done. So be sure to head over and browse through the rest of his work. It will be time well spent.

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