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Measurements of Sound – Volume 07

Measurements of Sound – Volume 07 Track Listing:

00:00:00 Year of No Light – “Perséphone I”
00:11:22 Deafheaven – “Violet”
00:23:09 Alcest – “Écailles De Lune (II)”
00:32:54 Dreamless – “Nothing Irreparable Has Happened Here”
00:42:58 Airs – “Movement”
00:56:20 Whirr – “Hide”
00:59:31 Horseback – “Mithras”
01:04:35 Agalloch – “Black Lake Nidstang”
01:22:09 Lantlôs – “Where Have You Gone My Friend?”
01:27:16 Marriages – “Ten Tiny Fingers/Pelt”
01:35:24 To Blacken the Pages & Korperschwache – “Lovecraft”
01:43:43 Ides of Gemini – “One To Oneness”
01:47:47 Altar of Plagues – “Feather and Bone”
01:58:51 Year of No Light – “Abbesse”

Download (MP3 – 02:11:55)

Quite often I find myself reading about a band I’ve never heard before and imagining what they sound like. Sometimes what’s in my head is pretty close to how the bands actually sound. Other times I’m way off.

One example of where I was way off is My Bloody Valentine. I’ve heard lots about them over the years, but it was quite some time before I actually checked out their acclaimed Loveless album. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like what I heard, but it was definitely quite different than what I was expecting.

Prior to listening to My Bloody Valentine I constantly would listen to new artists and think to myself, “I bet this was influenced by My Bloody Valentine.” A statement purely driven by what I assumed My Bloody Valentine would sound like. I know – kind of a backwards system. But it still led me to discovering some great music and influencing the direction of this podcast along the way.

The first time I came across something that appeared to have a strong MBV influence was Year of No Light’s stunning Ausserwelt album. I was a fan of the band after hearing their previous release Nord, but was floored after hearing Ausserwelt. In fact Ausserwelt alone would be the springboard that pushed me in the direction of this podcast as well as looking for more artists exploring similar territory. Because of this it only seemed natural to bookend the podcast with two tracks from Ausserwelt“Perséphone I” and “Abbesse”.

Not all of the tracks in this podcast are cut from the same cloth, but if you’ve seen my tweets while I was editing it, you would have seen my drop terms like feedback, darkwave, blastbeats and shimmering riffs. All of which creates the common thread that ties these songs and artists together. I hope you enjoy this one. I had lots of fun putting it together.

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