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Measurements of Sound – Volume 08

Measurements of Sound – Volume 08 Track Listing:

00:00:00 Buried at Sea – “Ghost – Part I”
00:12:33 Cough – “Athame”
00:31:04 Moss – “Ritus”
00:35:08 Indian – “Guiltless”
00:43:06 Unearthly Trance – “Scarlet”
00:50:05 Buried at Sea – “Ghost – Part II”
00:54:31 Locrian – “The Crystal World”
01:00:09 Ufomammut – “Sulphurdew”
01:12:24 Thou – “Cold World”
01:18:08 Graves at Sea – “Pariah”
01:28:39 Monarch! – “Blood Seeress”
01:41:06 Boris – “Ganbou-Ki”
01:56:45 Buried at Sea – “Ghost – Part III”

Download (MP3 – 02:09:46)

For a couple of years I’ve wanted to do a podcast built around Buried at Sea’s nearly 30 minute track “Ghost”. Even though I highly recommend experiencing it as a whole, I’ve always heard it as three separate movements that are connected as a single track. This gave me the idea to split it into three pieces and expand on them to create a podcast.

I’ve made a few attempts at doing this since coming up with the idea, but could never find the right mix of tracks to compliment “Ghost”. Until a couple of weeks ago when I heard the Cough/Windhand split Reflection of the Negative. Specifically the Cough track “Athame”. It was exactly the inspiration I was looking for and within a couple days the beast you see before you fell into place.

I have lots of other ideas or themes for future podcasts that I’ve been mulling over for a while now. Some of them will see the light of day, while others won’t. But that’s okay, I know the ones that are meant to be will happen when the timing is right or I hear something that starts the ball rolling. This is exactly why there is no rhyme or reason when it comes to how often you will see a new podcast on this website. They will appear when they are meant to be and not a second sooner. For now, I hope you enjoy this one and keep it away from small children. It will crush their fingers.


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