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For quite some time Expiring Sun has been the source for all things creative from Brandon Duncan. Over the years he’s amassed an impressive body of work that includes his own numerous music endeavors, graphic design and collaborations.

Late last year saw the release of Duncan’s latest musical project Sterilizer and with that Expiring Sun’s first venture into limited edition cassette releases. While the highly recommended Sterilizer album is still available in digital format via Bandcamp, the cassettes quickly sold out.

Additional Limited Edition Cassette Releases

With the success of the Sterilizer cassette run, Expiring Sun announced last week another round of limited edition cassettes. This time expanding the roster to include a diverse group of new artists including Asylum Sisters, N-616, Chris Dunn, Inchoate and Robonaut.

Each release comes with a download code and the Asylum Sisters, N-616 and Chris Dunn tapes each come with a 1” button. Additional info on the releases and order details can be found on the Expiring Sun website.

Expiring Sun Six Song Sampler

To celebrate these new releases Expiring Sun has provided a six song sampler that can be streamed or downloaded below featuring tracks from each of the artists as well as a cut from Sterilizer’s debut.

01. Asylum Sisters “Harder, Darker, Louder”

02. N-616 “Production”

03. Chris Dunn “In Black”

04. Inchoate “Sprouting Wings”

05. Robonaut “The Delegate From Venus”

06. Sterilizer “Equalizer”

Download (MP3 – 23:47)

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