Measurements of Sound – Volume 01

Download Measurements of Sound - Volume 01

Measurements of Sound – Volume 01 Track Listing:

00:00:00 Neurosis – “Suspended in Light”
00:01:57 Mono – “Com(?)”
00:17:02 Battle of Mice – “Salt Bridge”
00:22:46 A Storm of Light – “Breach”
00:24:49 Tomahawk – “Ghost Dance”
00:28:30 Angels of Light – “Sometimes I Dream I’m Hurting You”
00:34:55 Dälek – “Culture for Dollars”
00:41:36 Hive – “Vaya Con Dios (A Suspended Remix)”
00:47:01 Melvins – “Lovely Butterfly”
00:49:05 Humanfly – “Nenhuns Deuses Nenhuns Mestres”
00:57:09 Aluk Todolo – “Disease”
01:06:38 Cobalt – “Androids, Automatons & Nihilists/Cephalopod”
01:15:12 Explosions in the Sky – “What Do You Come Home To?”
01:20:11 Cult of Luna – “Dim”

Download (MP3 – 01:39:59)

It took a while for it to arrive, but the first installment of Measurements of Sound is online and ready for your downloading pleasure.

For those who don’t know, Measurements of Sound is podcast which will be uploaded to the website sporadically. Simply put, it’s a big mp3 file that consists of some mind bending music. So download it, enjoy it and do whatever you want with it.


  1. Cult of Luna - Fire Was Born DVD — · February 7, 2009 Reply

    […] did anyone out there actually make it to the very end of my first podcast? Those who did were treated to some next level shit courtesy of Cult of Luna. If you happen to be […]

  2. Andy · February 9, 2011 Reply

    Nice mix, thanks. I found some new artists to check out.

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