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Neltner Creative

By September 28, 2008No Comments

Neltner Creative - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Neltner Creative - Reinstate Hank Williams

Neltner Creative - Exectuioner

Neltner Creative - Hank III

I first became aware of Neltner Creative through their design and photography work on the Hank Williams III album Straight to Hell. It was a great balance of illustration and photography, all layered together in a dark, gritty package.

Based out of Kentucky, Neltner Creative consists of two brothers – visual artist Keith Neltner and graphic designer/photographer Rick Neltner. In addition to Hank III, Neltner Creative has done work for Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, Those Poor Bastards and Superjoint Ritual among others.

One of the more unique projects they have been involved in is creating numerous visuals for the campaign to have Hank Williams Senior reinstated into the Grand Ole Opry. For more info visit the official Reinstate Hank Campaign website.

Check out for lots of great samples of their work and don’t miss the news/blog section for lots of unique insight into their creative process and latest projects.

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