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Recomended Listening – Dax Riggs

By October 30, 20086 Comments

Dax Riggs

My first introduction to Dax Riggs was through the dark Louisiana sludge of Acid Bath. However, it was actually his next band Agents of Oblivion that really caught my attention. Their lush, psychedelic sound may have lacked some of Acid Bath’s heaviness, but it did allow Dax’s unique voice and lyrics to stand front and center. The band’s one and only self-titled album is highly recommended.

Dax’s next project, Deadboy & the Elephantmen expanded even more on the sounds mapped out with Agents of Oblivion. Their first album If This is Hell, Then I’m Lucky was a dark, layered affair that utilized a number of instruments and sounds. While it’s follow-up We Are Night Sky was more stripped down with a focus on guitar, drums and voice.

After announcing any future projects would be put out under his own name, Dax released his first solo album, We Sing of Only Blood or Love in 2007. It continued down the same path explored with We Are Night Sky, only with more of a full band feel.

Do yourself a huge favor and check out all of the above mentioned bands. If you are on this website, then there is something Dax Riggs released you will like. He is a great talent, who has flown under the radar for years and deserves to be heard.

If you like what you hear or are already a fan, here is a recording of one of Dax’s solo shows from February 23, 2008:

  1. Intro
  2. Stop, I’m Already Dead
  3. Dethbryte
  4. Dax Don’t Make Sense
  5. Wall of Death
  6. Living is Suicide
  7. 13 Cannot Be Divided
  8. Dressed in Smoke
  9. Terrors of Nightlife
  10. Misadventures of Dope
  11. Perfect Dreaming Skull (Partial)
  12. Dog Headed Whore
  13. Fly on the Eye of the Lamb
  14. Night is the Notion
  15. Sleeping With the Witch
  16. No Train to Stockholm
  17. Andy
  18. To Hell With the Moon
  19. Thing in a Jar
  20. If You Go Away
  21. Andy’s Drum Set
  22. Radiation Blues
  23. Skulls

Download Dax Riggs – Live February 23, 2008 (zip-96mb)


  • Thanks for this upload. It’s my favorite bootleg of his, and I had lost it.

  • Ryan Grant says:

    No problem. Glad you were able to find it again.

  • Venus Blue says:

    You are effin’ awesome for posting that upload. I had copious amounts of Dax bootlegs on an old computer that lost it’s life before I was able to finish backing them all up. I’ve been trying for about a year to find everything that I had. This upload has many of them that I’ve been looking for & some that I never ever had, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Last, but certainly not least, thank you for this blog about Dax. I have been a huge fan of his for years. In my eyes, he is the be all, end all of musicians. I don’t think I’ll ever in my life find another musician that I love as much as I do Dax. You are right…he DOES deserve to be heard, so thank you for giving him his props. I saw my 4th Dax show just a couple of weeks ago & I’m just getting started. Every show has been it’s own little “religious experience” for me. So, I’ll go now & listen to these bootlegs & have myself another 🙂

  • ryan says:

    please repost!!!the link is dead & i would love to have this along with any other live shows you might care to share…

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