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Measurements of Sound – Volume 05

Measurements of Sound – Volume 05 Track Listing:

00:00:00 Kid 606 Vs. NWA – “Straight Outta’ Compton”
00:02:46 Nine Inch Nails – “My Violent Heart (Pirate Robot Midget)”
00:05:19 Genghis Tron – “Asleep on the Forest Floor”
00:09:24 The Endless Blockade – “Angra Mainyu”
00:11:37 Dillinger Escape Plan – “Dead as History”
00:16:58 Mr. Oizo – “Inside the Kidney Machine”
00:21:48 Buck 65 – “Drawing Curtains”
00:25:36 Roots Manuva – “Feel Da Panic”
00:29:33 DJ Vadim – “Your Revolution”
00:34:45 Snares – “Electric Funeral”
00:39:49 The Bug – “Freak Freak”
00:44:36 Glen Brown – “Version 78 Style (When The Three Mines Clash)”
00:49:10 These Arms Are Snakes – “Gadget Arms”
00:57:19 Refused – “Refused Party Program”
00:59:57 Acid Tiger – “Death Wave”
01:09:17 Fuck Buttons – “Bright Tomorrow”
01:16:40 Download – “Glassblower”
01:19:37 Body – “Empty Hearth”
01:23:59 Queens of the Stone Age – “Spiders and Vinesgroms”

Listen / Download (MP3 – 01:30:24)

Good thing no one comes to this website. Otherwise people might have noticed that it’s been almost a year since my last podcast. That’s okay though. I strive for quality around here, not quantity.

I have actually been working on this instalment off and on for about the last eight months. It started out at with a rough playlist that included tracks from Justice, Death From Above 1979 and Dillinger Escape Plan. Only the latter made it to the final cut. But all of them acted as a springboard for what you have here today.

There are still some riffs to be found. But there are also lots of beats, bass, noise and even some dubbed out Sabbath. And yes, the first track is supposed to sound like that.


  • Isaac says:

    Man, you need to bold the “the first track is supposed to sound like that.” at the start I thought the something went wrong with my computer 🙂
    I like the more electronic it starts to be after ““Electric Funeral”, good beat at “Freak Freak”, could have been nice if it continued like that, refused & acid? why? 🙁
    Other than that – good mix! keep them coming.

  • Ryan Grant says:

    What can I say? That’s just how I roll. Sometimes you need some harsh tones and screaming to balance out all those grooves.

    Thanks for checking it out though. I really appreciate you taking time to listen.

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