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Cult of Luna’s new album Vertikal just came out and of course I’ve been listening to it obsessively over the past week. This in turn prompted me to also revisit their back catalog, including 2009’s Fire Was Born DVD.

The main feature on the Fire Was Born is a full live concert filmed in London that perfectly captures the band at their prime while touring in support of their Eternal Kingdom album.

Whenever I watch Fire Was Born I keep coming back to one track again and again – “Dark City, Dead Man”. It pretty much encompasses everything I love about Cult of Luna over a sprawling fourteen plus minutes. I won’t bore you with trying to describe what is so great about the track – or Cult of Luna for that matter. Just watch the clip and you’ll see.


  • Russell says:

    Funny. That’s probably my least favorite CoL song. The band sure does love it though — it’s been played in every single live show video I’ve seen. Like you, I can’t explain why either. It just sort of sits there for me and doesn’t do much. But I totally agree with your assessment of Fire Was Born: absolutely brilliant. My favorites there are Leave Me Here and Adrift. Just grabbed Vertikal and am anxiously waiting for my vinyl pre-order.

    • Ryan Grant says:

      Pretty much anything off Somewhere Along the Highway would do it for me. That’s pretty much a flawless record. I wouldn’t say “Dark City, Dead Man” is my favorite COL song though. But it’s just a really well rounded song that covers a lot of the things I love about the band.

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