Distant Correspondent – Merge

Distant Correspondent – Merge

Quite a few months ago Goes Cube tweeted about a new project their guitarist/singer David Obuchowski had started called Distant Correspondent. There wasn’t too much information about the band at the time, but I was immediately interested in finding out more. If you are at all familiar with Goes Cube, then you know why.

Little by little more information has trickled out and this past week the band premiered “Merge” from their forthcoming debut.

As you will notice when listening to “Merge” its clear right off the bat that Distant Correspondent is a much different beast than David’s other band. Where Goes Cube can literally be a roaring beast, Distant Correspondent takes a more subdued approach. Distortion and pounding drums are traded in for subtle layers of guitar forming textures of sound that are nudged along by tasteful steady rhythms. All of which are perfectly complimented by the dreamy vocals of David and Edith Frost.

Keep an eye and an ear on the band via their profiles on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Details on their full length album should be surfacing soon, along with a music video for the track “Summit” that is in the works.

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