The Glorious Rebellion 7”

The Glorious Rebellion 7”

I always hate trying to come up with ways to describe what a band sounds like. Sure, you can file it under whatever genre seems the most obvious or play the “sounds like” game. But that’s too easy and in most cases it doesn’t due the band justice. Unless the band isn’t trying very hard and is perfectly content aping the sound of others. Thankfully none of that applies to Orlando’s the Glorious Rebellion.

There are some obvious nods to noise rock in the two songs that make up the band’s new 7” for Magnetic Eye Records, but the Glorious Rebellion isn’t simply picking over the scraps of the Amphetamine Reptile catalogue. Instead of being boxed in by the sub-genre, the band pulls heavier elements from the metal and sludge spectrum to create their bastardized version of noise rock.

But if noise rock, metal and sludge aren’t already part of your musical diet, no problem. There’s still something here for you. Specifically in the shape of huge, dirty riffs and massive hooks that immediately get lodged in your head. This is a band that not only has an appreciation for tone and the power of volume, but a band who understands the art of writing a good memorable song. This is noise rock with some serious crossover appeal.

Order/Download – The Glorious Rebellion 7”

The 7″ is limited to 300 copies and has three variants (100 of each):

  • Black/Silver
  • Beer/Black Haze
  • Yellow/Black Splatter

It also features artwork by guitarist/singer Billy Myers III that perfectly complements the contents of this not so black circle. Orders start shipping mid-August. Get a copy now before they’re gone.

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