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Measurements of Sound – Volume 10

Measurements of Sound – Volume 10 Track Listing:

00:00:00 Necrophobic – “I Strike With Wrath”
00:05:54 Blut Aus Nord – “Fathers of the Icy Age”
00:12:09 Dark Fortress – “Evenfall”
00:18:24 Blood Red Throne – “Mary Whispers of Death”
00:23:17 Stoneburner – “Marriage”
00:30:29 Death Valley Driver – “Heavy Lies the Crown”
00:33:42 Amber – “Silent Lies”
00:40:23 DBC – “Terrorist Mind”
00:42:37 Lunar Aurora – “Findling”
00:52:16 Woods of Desolation – “And if all the Stars Faded Away”
00:56:57 Barrowlands – “Peering Inward”
01:04:03 Rotting Christ – “Ira Incensus”
01:09:16 Melechesh – “Magickan and the Drones”
01:16:29 Contempt – “Skinwalker”
01:24:18 Fuck The Facts – “Misery”
01:30:30 National Sunday Law – “Theriocephalic”
01:36:56 Dvne – “Into The Travellers’ Halls”
01:42:39 Destroy Judas – “To The Sea”
01:49:16 Jungbluth – “Zwang Abwärts”
01:54:50 Alpinist – “Nighttime Poet Daytime Dead”
01:58:47 Téveszme – “Reményszenzorok”
02:02:06 Torche – “Rock n Roll Mantasy”
02:05:42 Kings of Frog Island – “Joanne Marie”
02:09:29 Helm – “Helm”
02:15:05 Seidr – “Sweltering II: A Pale Blue Dot in the Vast Dark”

Download (MP3 – 02:40:33)

Ryan and I met through twitter a few years back and have been chatting about music and going to local shows ever since. He recently asked me to put together some tracks that showcase my typical likes in heavy music for his Measurements of Sound podcast series. If you haven’t checked this out already, I encourage you to give his full series a listen. Always some great finds in there.

I’m old enough to remember making mix tapes off the radio using ghetto blasters and silently telling the DJ to shut up as s/he talked over the intro to the song. I used to have hundreds of these tapes. Friends would swap LPs and cassettes, tape what we wanted and pass around.  Things are a little bit easier and faster these days.

This is a meandering set of tracks from a variety of genres that, at least in my mind, really worship the heavy.  Some of my recent favourites from Death to Black, Stoner to Hardcore, as well as some older staples. There is something for every metalhead in here. Nothing too extreme or obscure, just great tunes, powerful riffs, frenetic speed at times, and no compromise.

The last track is an incredible slow burner. Not much buzz about Seidr’s 2013 release, but this is one of my favourite tunes. Favourite moment in the list is that slide in Zwang Abwärts. You’ll know it when you hear it. Fans of local eastern Canadian metal will find a couple of gems in here too. – Bruce Fraser

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