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Back in my days I discovered two bands who totally redefined my definition of heavy was. Oddly enough both bands had almost the same name – Buried At Sea and Graves At Sea. While they sounded different in many ways, they both carved out sense of weight and sonic intensity that was like nothing I had ever heard. The closest thing I could think to describe it was the sound of a glacier slowly moving across the earth scraping the landscape clean and pushing aside everything in it’s path.

Over the last decade or so both bands have been semi-active. However with their signing to Relapse Records last year, Graves At Sea just announced the release of their long awaited new full length album The Curse That Is. The title track from the album is now streaming and it’s pretty much everything I could have hoped for. After a long feedback laden intro, the track lurches to life with a new sense of urgency rarely heard from the band. By the end of the track it’s very clear that good things come to those who wait and luckily we will only need to wait until April 1st to hear the rest of The Curse That Is.

Pre-orders are available through the Relapse Records online store and Bandcamp.

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